Deion Sanders Trash Talking His Son Goes Viral, Fans Can’t Help But Side With Prime

Deion Sanders watches on at the Colorado spring game.

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Deion Sanders is a competitive person. The attitude and swagger is part of the reason he’s been so successful both on and off the football field.

On Wednesday, fans got to see that his competitive drive is still alive and well as he went back and forth in a debate with his son. The interaction has college football fans talking online.

Coach Prime is in the midst of his first season as head coach at the University of Colorado. While unproven at the FBS level, he’s been able to completely change the mindset of the program in a matter of months.

Part of that is due to talent he’s bringing to campus, headlined by his top-ranked transfer class. Another part is due to his persona.

The confident coach proved his doubters wrong at Jackson State, posting a 27-6 overall record with the Tigers over three seasons. His final campaign saw the team win 11 games.

Now, he’s hoping to do the same in Boulder.

While his ability on the sidelines will be questioned until proven at Colorado, his talents on the field are undeniable.

So, when his son and starting quarterback, Shedeur, debated who would win a head-to-head matchup, Deion Sanders quickly shut it down.

Deion Sanders trash talks Shedeur, says he would’ve picked him off if they played vs. each other

Shedeur posted a video to his YouTube channel on Wednesday of him getting into an argument with his dad. Pops shut the debate down quickly.

“What year did you go to the league?” Shedeur asked to which Prime responded, “21.”

“If we was playing with the same bag at 21,” Shedeur continued, “I would’ve been killin’ em. They would’ve said, ‘Prime who?'”

“Stop, stop,” Deion replied. “I would’ve picked you and high-stepped you… I don’t think you understand what I did back in the day. You know the saying when y’all say, ‘HIM?’ Where do you think that came from? People said that about me.”

Followers were quick to respond in the comments section.

One person joked, “This shows that kids will never fully respect their parents. Because he is really trying to argue with Prime Time??”

Someone else said, “Deion is the greatest DB to ever walk the planet.”

It’s not the first time we’ve seen him crush one of his sons in competition. Earlier in the offseason, Coach Prime whipped Deion Sander Jr. in a bench-press battle, casually throwing up 245 pounds in street clothes.

When will they learn to stop testing the GOAT?