Belgium, Denmark Pay Tribute To Christian Eriksen With A Bone-Chilling Ovation, Stoppage In Play At EURO 2020

Denmark Fans Belgium Christian Eriksen

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  • The world has rallied around Christian Eriksen after his scary collapse at EURO 2020.
  • Denmark and Belgium paid tribute to the midfielder in incredible fashion.
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Some things are bigger than sports. Five days after Christian Eriksen suddenly collapsed on the field during the second day of EURO 2020, Denmark and Belgium provided one of those moments. Eriksen, who was in stable condition after being transported to the hospital, is in good spirits. Though Denmark may have lost, life won. The moment brought the world together, and the country’s first return to the pitch was a true celebration of life.

During the 10th minute of play, in honor of No. 10, the ball was kicked out of play. Both teams paused as the stadium erupted in a chill-inducing ovation. It was a special moment for the players, the fans in attendance, the country and the world. More importantly, it was a remarkable moment for Ericksen, who was watching in a hospital less than a mile away.

Throughout the week, fans and players across the globe rallied around the Danish midfielder.

Thursday’s match was met with a large amount of emotion. Denmark took the pitch at Copenhagen’s Telia Parken in front of a home crowd and they were greeted with an incredible welcome.

Prior to the playing of the national anthem, Eriksen’s jersey was spread across the field.

Not long after the match began, it was nothing but scenes. Denmark found itself with the ball in the attacking third and opened the scoring in the second minute. The players, their fans, and anyone watching (outside of Belgium) exploded in celebration. Joy and passion could be felt through the screen.

Win or lose, life won on Saturday, and that will continue to be the case as Denmark plays through the remainder of the EUROs. The magnificent tribute to Eriksen serves as a reminder that, when it is all said and done, the final score does not matter. It is bigger than a game.