Denver Broncos Reportedly Finalize Deal To Land Their Next Head Coach

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Getty Image / Tom Hauck

The Denver Broncos have landed their next head coach.

After weeks of uncertainty as they worked their way through a number of options, it seems they’ve made a deal for one of the first coaches they were linked to.

Adam Schefter reported a short time ago that the Broncos were finalizing a deal with the New Orleans Saints to trade for Sean Payton.

The negotiation seemingly didn’t take very long as Ian Rapoport revealed shortly after that the Broncos would be giving up a 1st rounder and another high pick in exchange for Payton and a pick from the Saints.

This is right in line with what the Saints have reportedly been asking for in exchange for Payton. The reported demands had been more than a mid-first round pick.

The first rounder they will receive is the 49ers pick for this year as the Broncos don’t currently own theirs. The 2nd round pick will have to come in 2024 or later as the Broncos also don’t have their 2nd round pick for this season because of the Russell Wilson trade.

The move gives them a coach with a whole lot more experience than they had in the position last year.

With Nathaniel Hackett, they had one of the league’s worst offenses despite their huge trade for Wilson.

Now they’ll be hoping that Payton is the man to fix Wilson and lead them to success in what remains one of the league’s toughest divisions.