Poor Derek Carr Is Getting Roasted On Twitter After Innocently Tweeting His Support Of Child Labor

Oakland Raiders v San Diego Chargers

Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Poor Derek Carr. The dude had his MVP season derailed in the final week of the regular season (which also happened to be Christmas Eve) with a fibula injury, and now the dude is getting mocked on Twitter for supporting a child out there grindin’. Not to mention, he seems like an all-around good dude, with the rare ability to not let success get to his head after throwing for a mind-boggling 28 touchdowns for nearly 4,000 yards and only 6 picks. When it rains, it pours, man.

Check out the seemingly innocent tweet that set off Twitter.

I support the sentiment. Too many kids walking around with iPads when I had to wait until season year of high school to send texts to girls with my flip phone. AND IT WASN’T EVEN CAPABLE OF SENDING DICK PICS!!

Anyway, Twitter took Derek behind the woodshed with mostly funny quips, but some tight-assed people who legitimately got upset.

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