Derek Carr Responds To Criticism Of Weighted Vest Photo, Calls Out Reporter Who Implied It Had Something To Do With Presidential Inauguration

derek carr weighted vest photo

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Derek Carr shared a picture on his Instagram story of him wearing a camouflage weighted vest with the caption ‘it’s that time again’ on Wednesday afternoon. Nothing about that is unique, newsworthy, or even remotely exciting, but given the fact that he decided to share the photo just minutes after Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States, it resulted in him trending on Twitter.

The vest itself looks like something you may see a military member wear. It’s also the same type of vest some were wearing during the storming of the U.S. Capitol Building two weeks ago. So, with the Internet being the Internet, most people jumped to the conclusion that Carr’s photo was a shot at President Biden’s inauguration. Whether Carr was trying to make a statement or not, the timing of the photo is interesting, to say the least.

NFL reported Dov Kleiman shared the photo on Twitter. Carr then quote tweeted the photo asking what Kleiman was trying to imply. The quarterback explained that it’s just a workout weight vest and he was wearing it inside his home gym kicking off the real start of his offseason.

Kleiman replied by saying that he wasn’t implying anything with his original tweet, but I think anyone that can read can clearly see that he was certainly trying to get a point across. Kleiman making note of the timing of the photo and adding the ‘…’ at the end of the tweet is going to make people think he was trying to imply something, because he was.

Kleiman completely backtracked in his next tweet about Carr all but admitting he was trying to imply something with his original tweet.

While the back-and-forth with Kleiman was taking place, Carr shared another tweet asking how a camo weight vest with an American flag on it means something negative.