Derek Fisher May Have Just Blew The Gasket Off His Feud With Matt Barnes By Posting Disrespectful Instagram Post


By now, we are all well aware of the fiery feud between ex-Knicks coach Derek Fisher and Grizzles forward Matt Barnes. Basically, Fisher is fucking Barnes’ ex-wife, star of ‘Basketball Wives LA,’ and mother of Barnes’ two kids. After hearing the news in October, Barnes traveled 95 miles to Los Angeles to beat the shit out of Fisher, which earned him a two-game suspension.

Barnes is known to be a bit of a loose cannon, and we may just see how much of a lunatic he really is after Fisher baited him with a Mother’s Day post featuring Barnes’ ex-wife and two kids at the L.A. premier of Angry Birds.

While it’s unclear whether or not Barnes saw Fisher’s post before shouting out to his ex in an Instagram post of his own, it appears that Barnes is taking the high road. For now.

Derek Fisher just made a declaration of war against Matt Barnes. On level of disrespect, this is the equivalent of banging Barnes’ ex-wife, filming it, and then sending a copy of the video to him on his birthday. I can all but guarantee Fisher has insisted Barnes’ kids call him ‘daddy’ and is telling them lies about them being adopted. Surprised he didn’t dress the kids in his old NBA jersey to drive home the message that there’s a new sheriff in town. Hey Fish, I guess it’s easy to take shots on Instagram when you have a restraining order in the works. Passive aggression at its finest.

[h/t NY Daily News]