Looks Like Derek Fisher Is Going To Slap #TalibanGang Member Matt Barnes With A Restraining Order

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It looks like the personal vendetta that 36-year-old Memphis Grizzlies small forward and #TalibanGang member Matt Barnes has against former New York Knicks head coach Derek Fisher for fornicating with Barnes’ ex-wife might be coming to a close. In a couple tweets, Barnes said he received a phone call from a lawyer who represents a certain person asking Matt to stop saying mean things on social media or this certain person would file a restraining order.

Somehow, though, I don’t think a restraining order will actually restrain Barnes from continuing to diss Fisher. My dadbod gut says this isn’t the end of this contentious relationship. We’re gonna need to have a celebrity bare-knuckle boxing match to benefit charity, hopefully refereed by Gloria Govan.

After DeAngelo Russell’s video of Nick Young bragging about his affairs leaked, Barnes piped up with another swipe at Fisher in an Instagram post, insinuating Derek doesn’t know what guy code is…


Sure, some people think Fisher struck while the iron was a little too hot, but considering it was about a year since Barnes and Govan separated, how much longer was Fisher supposed to wait to wet his wick? It’s possible Govan was going ham to get some Fish stick. Have I sufficiently grossed everyone out? Great.

Ever since Barnes was hit with fines from the league for his violent altercation with Fisher, his play has prospered. He scored a season high against the Lakers in late February and then recorded the first triple-double of his 13-year career in an overtime win against the New Orleans Pelicans.

Via SportsGrid