Oops, Derrick Rose Mistakenly Drops An ‘F’ Word Rhyming With ‘Duck’ During Knicks’ Press Conference



The New York Knicks’ acquisition of former NBA MVP Derrick Rose has been debated for the past few days, with some thinking it was a solid move, while others think it won’t have much affect at all—unless, of course, there are more former All-Stars to come.

And while Rose seems excited for a new start, he might want to go back to Athlete Public Speaking 101 to review the words a player shouldn’t use—with “fuck” at the top of that list.

D’oh, welcome to the Big Apple, Derrick.

If that wasn’t bad enough, D-Rose must’ve had another little brainfart when he, uh, sort of thanked the Chicago Bulls… for trading him!

This Derrick Rose in New York thing couldn’t have gotten off to a better start.

[H/T The Big Lead]

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