Oops, Derrick Rose Mistakenly Drops An ‘F’ Word Rhyming With ‘Duck’ During Knicks’ Press Conference

by 3 years ago


The New York Knicks’ acquisition of former NBA MVP Derrick Rose has been debated for the past few days, with some thinking it was a solid move, while others think it won’t have much affect at all—unless, of course, there are more former All-Stars to come.

And while Rose seems excited for a new start, he might want to go back to Athlete Public Speaking 101 to review the words a player shouldn’t use—with “fuck” at the top of that list.

D’oh, welcome to the Big Apple, Derrick.

If that wasn’t bad enough, D-Rose must’ve had another little brainfart when he, uh, sort of thanked the Chicago Bulls… for trading him!

This Derrick Rose in New York thing couldn’t have gotten off to a better start.

[H/T The Big Lead]

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