The Detroit Pistons Being Forced To Wear A Jordan Logo On Their Uniforms Is Not Sitting Well With Pistons Fans

Focus on Sport via Getty Images

Sometimes I have to remind myself that for a significant stretch of time, the Detroit Pistons owned MJ and the Bulls.

1988 Eastern Conference Semis: Pistons, 4-1
1989 Eastern Conference Finals: Pistons, 4-2
1990 Eastern Conference Finals: Pistons, 4-3
1991 Eastern Conference Finals: Bulls, 4-0

If the entire Pistons franchise in the late 80s/early 90s wasn’t so punchable, maybe Isiah Thomas would be a Dream Teamer and society wouldn’t tacitly view the Bad Boys’ back-to-back ships as a footnote in the Bulls saga.

Perspective is everything, and the perspective is that Isiah crawled so Jordan could fly.

And, in true Jordan fashion, he has found a roundabout way to humiliate his rivals three decades later.

On Tuesday, Nike announced that all 30 NBA teams (Pistons included!) will rock the “Jumpman” logo on their alternate uniforms.

(It also doesn’t help that the current Pistons jerseys are capital T Trash.)

Pistons fans are beside themselves.

The brutal irony of sporting the emblem of the man who squeezed the life out of your franchise was not lost on the rest of the NBA world either.

If it’s any comfort to you Pistons fans, at least you have an entire bubble season and off-season to process this hurtful information.

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