NFL Fans, Plus Dez Bryant, Were Quick To Call Out Jason Garrett After Ravens Went For It On 4th Down Against Rams

jason garrett cowboys 4th down

Getty Image / Ronald Martinez

Jason Garrett coached a bad football game, again, this past Sunday as the Cowboys fell to the Patriots 13-9. During Sunday’s loss, the Cowboys found themselves in a couple of short 4th down situations inside the Pats’ 30-yard-line and each time elected to kick field goals instead of going for it and possibly flipping the momentum and scoreline.

The 4th down situation that stands out as one Garrett should have pulled the trigger on was a 4th and 7 on the New England 11-yard-line. Dallas was down 13-6 at that point with just 6:04 left on the clock.

Well, during Monday night’s Ravens – Rams matchup in Los Angeles, the Ravens faced a 4th and 1 from the Los Angeles 23-yard-line during their second drive and elected to go for it. It likely made the decision a bit easier seeing as how they have a guy named Lamar Jackson at quarterback, but they converted on the effort then scored on the very next play to grab a 14-0 lead.

Whether or not you believe that the Cowboys should have gone for it on 4th and 7 during Sunday night’s game, you better believe that people on Twitter, including Dez Bryant, were quick to call out Garrett after the Ravens early 4th down conversion.

Maybe the difference here is that John Harbaugh has an analytics guy in his ear during games and Garrett likely doesn’t. Maybe Jerry Jones and the Boys need to look into one of those, just maybe.

The Ravens of course never found themselves in a truly ‘tough call’ situation on Monday night as they absolutely destroyed the Rams 45-6, but perhaps that had something to do with the domino effect of going for it on 4th down and then grabbing an early 14-0 lead.