Dick Vitale Lost His Damn Mind Over Murray State’s NCAA Tournament Snub


After the NCAA Tournament field was announced last night, the annual tradition of pundits pissing and moaning over seeds and omissions and THE EYE TEST reared its nasty head.

Professional basketball analyst and yeller Dick Vitale was ushered in front of a camera to yell passionately about his most pressing beef with the field — the exclusion of Murray State.

Man, old age has not slowed this guy down at all. He’s still out there kissing Ashley Judd on the lips and carrying the flag for mid-majors like it’s 1997.

Just a reminder: no one should ever complain about missing out on the NCAA Tournament. Every single team has a chance to make it. Like Jay Bilas said: it’s not the rest of the country’s fault that Murray State plays in a terrible conference.

Life sucks sometimes.

You know how you make it suck less? By taking care of business and winning your conference tournament.

[H/T: TBL]