Social Media Was PISSED That The ESPYs Didn’t Include Dirk Nowitzki In Its Video Honoring Recently Retired Athletes

Dirk Nowitzki was left out of the ESPY Awards' tribute video for recently retired athletes and social media was mad

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Dirk Nowitzki is one of the best all-time forwards in NBA history. He led the Dallas Mavericks to an NBA title in 2011. He scored more than 31,500 career points, which is good enough for sixth in league history. He won a league MVP. He was lethal in the clutch and on the biggest stage. And, for 21 seasons, he gave the Mavs some of the greatest moments the franchise has ever witnessed. Point blank: Dirk is a legend.

Unfortunately, because Father Time is undefeated, Nowitzki had to call it quits after last year at the age of 40, which wasn’t really announced until the last week of the regular season. It wasn’t totally unexpected, of course, but many weren’t sure what the big German would do as the offseason approached.

While Dirk Nowitzki is officially retired and looking forward to the next chapter of his life — and eating lots of ice cream in the process — the soft-spoken superstar may already have been forgotten. Well, at least he was at this year’s ESPY Awards, which excluded the 14-time All-Star from its tribute video for recently retired athletes.

Featuring Dwyane Wade, Rob Gronkowski and Lindsey Vonn, the ESPYs honored the three athletes with a video showing some of their best highlights. Dirk was nowhere to be found, though.

Considering Dirk Nowitzki should have absolutely been part of that tribute video, Twitter was more than pissed after viewers realized he wasn’t. And because the Internet loves to be reactionary to everything — and, in this case, rightfully so — take a look at some of the tweets that buried the ESPY Awards for not having Nowitzki in the tribute video of Wade, Gronk and Vonn.

Who knows if Dirk Nowitzki decided to tell the ESPYs that he didn’t want to take part in the thing. Or that he’s fully retired, out of the spotlight and didn’t want any recognition from the annual sports show. That’s something Dirk would, presumably, do. But if the ESPYs just simply dropped the ball and forgot to include and/or invite the dude, well, everyone on Twitter had a good reason to lay into the award show.

Then again, because it’s Dirk, there’s a good chance he doesn’t give a damn about not being recognized, and he’s just chillin’ at home unaffected by being left off some tribute video. Still, it’s not a good look for the ESPYs to have kept him off unless otherwise told.

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