A Very Good Dog Disrupted A Minor League Baseball Game Because He Just Wanted To Play Fetch


Pretty much every team in Major and Minor League Baseball has a special night where fans can bring their dogs to the game. Usually it’s called “Bark at the Park” night or some derivation of that.

The reason baseball teams have nights like this is because all dogs are very good dogs and why wouldn’t you want to take your dog to the ballpark with you?

I mean, other than the fact that, as we well know, dogs LOVE chasing after a thrown ball. Which, well, happens a lot during a baseball game.

So, on Wednesday night at ONEOK Field when the the Dodgers’ Double-A affiliate the Tulsa Drillers hosted their “Bark at the Park” night, they decided to have a few of the pets take the field between innings. Nice, right? A German Shepherd certainly thought so.

Naturally, because that dog is obviously a good boy/girl, the internet fell in love with him/her. (Sorry, #mprraccoon, your 15 minutes is up.)

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