The Miami Dolphins Are Reportedly Trying To Dream Up A Way To Trade For The First Pick In The Draft So They Can Acquire Joe Burrow

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Heading into the most recent NFL season, the worst-kept secret in the league was that the Miami Dolphins were going to try as hard as they could to end up in the basement of the standings when everything was said and done in a movement that was dubbed “#TankForTua.”

Over the course of the first couple of months of the season, the team did what it could to put itself in a position to land the Alabama quarterback (who was seen as college football’s top prospect when things kicked off) thanks to a number of questionable trades in addition to some absolutely inexplicable play calls.

Unfortunately, the Dolphins hit a few snags while attempting to tank, the most notable of which was the devastating injury Tagovailoa suffered in November that sidelined him for the remainder of the season.

However, the Dolphins also shot themselves in the foot by managing to win more games than they likely intended to and probably didn’t anticipate the Bengals deciding to say “Fuck it” when they benched Andy Dalton on their way to ultimately securing the first pick in this year’s draft.

Interestingly enough, there’s a chance Miami could still acquire Tagovailoa with the fifth pick they ended up with (although they might be warmer on Justin Herbert), as the quarterback was replaced by Joe Burrow at the top of virtually everyone’s draft board after the latter helped cap off LSU’s undefeated season by leading them to a national championship.

As things currently stand, all signs point to Cincinnati making the obvious choice to draft Burrow but it appears the Dolphins—who are in desperate need of a franchise quarterback—will try to make a push to see if they can get the Bengals to have a change of heart, as The Miami Herald reports they are preparing to make a push to trade for the first pick in an attempt to land the Heisman winner.

There’s no telling what that trade would look like or if Cincy would even consider an offer, as Burrow seems like the perfect choice to fill their sizable void at the quarterback position.

With that said, crazier things have happened.

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