63-Yr-Old Dom Chiti Was Hilariously Suspended For ‘Excessive Cuddling’ During The Angels-Mariners Brawl

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  • Dom Chiti was suspended for his actions in the Angels-Mariners brawl
  • The 63-yr-old was seen in a tussle with a Mariners player on the outskirts of the fight
  • Chiti was hanging around the waist of the Mariner to keep him from entering the melee

The Angels and Mariners were involved in a benches-clearing brawl on Sunday, seeing a number of players and coaches ejected in just the second inning of action.

The melee began when Seattle’s Jesse Winker was hit by a pitch. Rather than take his base, he stormed over to the Angels’ dugout and got in the face of Anthony Rendon. That set off a domino effect.

Punches were thrown and words were exchanged.

When all was said and done, eight people were tossed from the game, including both teams’ managers. Suspensions were subsequently handed down on Monday.

Winker landed seven games for his part in the brawl, although he did get a free pizza out of the deal.

Raisel Iglesias was suspended two games for throwing a carton of sunflower seeds on the field. Even an interpreter on the Angels’ staff was suspended.

But the most bizarre suspension of all revolved around Angels’ assistant coach Dom Chiti.

Dom Chiti suspended for actions in the Angels-Mariners brawl

Dom Chiti was suspended for five games for his actions in the fight. He wasn’t seen throwing any right hooks or shoving opposing players out of the way.

The 63-year-old was found on the outskirts of the brawl holding on to a Mariner player. It was almost like a comical wrestling match where Chiti just went limp to keep his opposition from standing up off the ground. It was just dead weight hanging on for dear life.

This hilarious breakdown shows Chiti’s role in the melee.

When the suspensions were handed down, fans couldn’t help but laugh.

Absolute legend.