Someone Turned Donald Trump’s Speeches Into A Commercial For Copa America 2016 And It’s F’n Perfect

Copa América Centenario kicks off next month here in the United States. The Copa América (or ‘America’s Cup’) is a soccer tournament that will see the best teams from South, Central, and North America square off against one another all hoping to be named the best team in The Americas.

Leading up to this year’s tourney someone spliced together moments from Donald Trump’s speeches, chopping up the more vitriolic rhetoric that Donald Trump has used in the past and using it to describe the proverbial killer instinct of pro athletes, and making light of these athletes hopping the border while coming to to play here in America. Taken in jest this is probably one of the better sports promos of our lives, unfortunately though the political climate in America is so jacked up right now that people won’t be able to appreciate this for what it is: a badass commercial for a soccer tournament.

This video actually came out before the presumptive GOP nominee demolished Ted Cruz yesterday over in Indiana. Trump’s decisive win in Indiana sent Lyin’ Ted Cruz running for the hills, and likely ended Ted’s political career forever (seriously, how would he ever come back from such a humiliating defeat?). Bernie Sanders still hasn’t dropped out of the race over on the Democratic side but the writing is on the wall ever since he let go huge portions of his staff in recent weeks. Now it looks like we’re headed to a Hillary vs. Donald general election, which at the very least should make for some über entertaining debates.

(via TYC Sports)