Donovan Mitchell Shoots His Shot At Zendaya On Twitter, Gets Savagely Trolled By Teammate Rudy Gobert

Donovan Mitchell Shoots His Shot With Zendaya Rudy Gobert Trolls Him

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Much like well, pretty much everyone, Spider-Man: Far From Home star Zendaya was very excited that Sony came to its senses and our friendly neighborhood web-slinger will be coming back for one more run in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

After the news broke, Zendaya posted an appropriate GIF of a dancing Spider-Man on her Twitter account.

Naturally, the man nicknamed Spida, Donovan Mitchell was one of the fans who took notice.

Now, NBA stars are somewhat appropriately never afraid to shoot their shot with the ladies. Everyone from Shaq and Jaylen Brown to Jimmy Butler and Kristaps Porzingas has been guilty of it.

So, sensing an opportunity (spider-sensing?), the 23-year-old Utah Jazz star decided to take his shot from long-range at the MCU star.

This isn’t the first time Mitchell has expressed an interest in the 23-year-old former Disney star. In fact, he’s pretty much a regular in her mentions.

Bro’s got it bad, and his teammate Rudy Gobert knows it. Which is why he had no problem roasting Mitchell for his obvious attempt to ingratiate himself with Zendaya.

0-for-5 may be putting it lightly, but at least Spida has a good sense of humor about it.

Good thing too because, you know, Twitter.

Words to live by, Donovan. Words to live by.

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