Drake Pays Visit To Texas WBB Team In Austin, Fans Beg Him Not To Go Near Undefeated Football Squad

Drake performs on stage.

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Whether you, personally, believe in the Drake Curse or not, there are a number of sports fans that don’t want the rapper anywhere near their college or professional teams. He’s been known to put the bad juju on programs in the past, and nobody wants to risk their luck, particularly when they’re on top.

University of Texas fans found themselves in this exact scenario this week. Drake dropped into Austin to pay a visit to the Longhorns’ women’s basketball team on Tuesday. School supporters are begging him not to go near the undefeated football squad.

Drake has had a few different instances where he’s seemingly jinxed a team after repping their uniform or being seen interacting with players. That jinx can come in the form of long-term postseason droughts or epic single-game collapses.


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Earlier this year, the musician was spotted in an Angels jersey at the All-Star break. Shortly after, Shohei Ohtani went cold in his AL MVP run before suffering a season-ending injury.

Years prior, after being seen rocking a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey, the NHL team lost a crucial Stanley Cup Playoff game to the Boston Bruins in a series they’d lose in seven games.

Maybe the biggest victim of the Drake Curse has been the Alabama football team. After sporting Crimson Tide gear before the 2019 national championship game, Bama was blown out by Clemson.

Just last offseason, Drake struck again in Tuscaloosa after being spotted repping the Tide across his chest. Alabama would not only miss out on the College Football Playoff, but they’d lose two heartbreaking games on the final play to be eliminated from SEC title contention, too.

This year, the team’s national championship chances took a hit with a recent loss against Texas. Longhorns fans are hoping Drake doesn’t pass the bad luck along to them.

Drake stops by Austin making Longhorns fans weary.

The rapper stopped by the University of Texas, paying a visit to the women’s basketball team on Tuesday.

“Thanks for stopping by,” the post read. Fans hope that’s where the visits end.

Many posted replies begging Drake to not to go near the Longhorns football team in hopes of preventing a curse following the big win over Alabama.

Texas announced that it’s officially back with the start to the season, and their crazed fans are hoping to enjoy the ride. They won’t let anyone get in their path to a title.