Draymond Green Returned Fire In His Ridiculously Comical Instagram Beef With Conor McGregor

draymond green conor mcgregor instagram beef

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On Sunday we brought you the hilarious story of how Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green decided to pick a fight on Instagram with, of all people, “The Notorious One” Conor McGregor. That’s because at some point Green spotted a photo of McGregor wearing what Green thought was his jersey and took offense.

“We rocking with Floyd bro not you… take that off bruh @thenotoriousmma,” wrote Green.

Naturally, McGregor being McGregor, i.e. a complete and total savage, he responded and clarified that the jersey he was wearing was C.J. Watson’s and not Green’s.

“Keep hustling and stay in school.” LOLOLOLOL.

So why C.J. Watson and not Green, the current owner of that uniform, you ask? Because Conor McGregor is the ultimate troll. You see, Floyd Mayweather spent some time in jail back in 2012 for a domestic violence incident partly as a result of some text messages between Watson and Mayweather’s ex-girlfriend.

Green was undaunted, however, and since our post on Sunday he responded back to McGregor and used the Floyd Mayweather playbook of bringing up Nate Diaz once again…

draymond green conor mcgregor instagram beef

draymond green, instagram

For some reason, I don’t think McGregor will be losing much sleep over this whole hilarious bit of drama…