Two Guys Go All Out In The Dunk League Finals $50K Slam Dunk Contest

  • This the ‘Dunk League: Volume 3’ finale with Jordan Kilganon facing Jonathan Clark in a 1-on-1 slam dunk contest for $50,000
  • These two athletes have bested the field of Whistle’s ‘Dunk League’ and each of them has 3 dunks for a winner-take-all prize and bragging rights as the Dunk League champ
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This is it, it’s the moment that all the fans of Whistle’s Dunk League have been waiting for. Only two athletes are left, Jordan Kilganon and Jonathan Clark.

Jordan and Jonathan will each get the chance to dunk three times. The judges will score each dunk. And the winner will receive the $50,000 grand prize, the Dunk League trophy, and bragging rights as one of the best slam dunkers on the planet.

These Dunk League finals are extremely personal for Jonathan Clark. He was the Season 2 runner-up and was one dunk away from being named champion. He’s been open about the fact that he carries that chip on his shoulder throughout this season and he’s playing for redemption in his mind.

Hit that play button on the video at the top of the article or right below and take in the action as these masters of their craft go all-out in pursuit of $50K and the ultimate bragging rights.

Dunk Leaague Finals: Jordan Kilganon vs Jonathan Clark


Aaaaaand the winner of Whistle’s Dunk League: Volume 3 is…. Jordan Kilganon. The judges were absolutely blown away by Jordan’s creativity and the difficulty of his dunks.

We have to acknowledge that these finals got off to an inauspicious start with Jonathan Clark nearly hurting his arm to the point of having to withdraw but the competition went on. Unfortunately for Jonathan Clark, he finished in second place for the second time in back-to-back seasons. That has to sting but he’s proven himself to be one of the best in the game and I suspect this wasn’t the last we’ll. see of him.

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