College Football Fans Are Devastated Over Latest News About EA Sports NCAA Football Game

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The introduction of name, image and likeness rules to NCAA sports has brought about a number of fantastic stories and opportunities for NCAA athletes.

Take, for instance, UNC basketball star Leaky Black signing a deal with a plumbing company. Or a bunch of offensive linemen across the country signing on to be brand ambassadors for Hooters. There’s certainly no shortage of evidence that the legislation has been good for college athletes.

But what about the fans?

Well, there’s one clear reason why the introduction of NIL laws is good for them. It means the return of EA Sports NCAA video games after more than a decade away. The last game was released in 2013 and featured former University of Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson on the cover. But a lawsuit by former UCLA basketball player Ed O’Bannon put an end to the fun.

But now the game is set to return and EA Sports supposedly has some big plans for the new version. Though fans may have to wait just a little longer than expected.

EA Sports Reportedly Delaying The Release Of New NCAA Football Game

Initially, the new edition was set to release in the summer of 2023. The video game giant has already begun gathering stadium assets and figuring out group licensing deals for the new game and fans couldn’t wait. But now it appears they’ll have no choice.

Matt Brown, the author of the Extra Points newsletter, reported late Monday night that EA will announce its intention to delay the game’s release until 2024 on Tuesday. The news devastated the fans of the famous game series, who flooded Brown with nearly 4,000 quote tweets lamenting the change.

Others tried to spin it as a positive.

But most just felt nothing but sadness.

All we want in life is to lead out favorite teams to a national championship while battling Navy for the No. 1 recruit in the country. Is that really so much to ask.