EA Is Optimistic ‘NCAA Football’ Could Return Thanks To A New California Law That Allows College Athletes To Get Paid For Their Likeness

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EA currently has a stranglehold on the sports video game market thanks to the likes of FIFA and Madden, which manage to sell tens of millions of copies every year thanks to people who are willing to drop $60 for slightly updated physics engines and marginally improved graphics.

I normally hold off on buying the new editions of the aforementioned games until they go on sale, but every once in a while, EA introduces a new feature that I have trouble resisting, which is exactly what the company did this year when it announced Madden 20 would feature a number of college football teams.

Sure, the selection was limited and you could only play with them for a brief time in franchise mode, but for fans of the defunct NCAA Football series, it was certainly better than nothing.

However, if EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson is to be believed, there may be some good news on the horizon for fans who are thirsting for the company to bring that beloved franchise back.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Wilson appeared at a tech conference in California on Monday and hinted there’s a chance that a newly enacted law in the state could result in NCAA Football making its grand return.

Last month, governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law that will finally allow college athletes in California to profit off of their likeness starting in 2023 much to the chagrin of the NCAA, which has promised to fight the newly enacted measure.

However, it’s worth noting that the organization—which loves money as long as its players don’t get a cut of it—launched an exploratory committee earlier this year to examine the feasibility of compensating athletes in some shape or form, which piqued the interest of gamers who hoped it meant NCAA Football could come back from the dead.

Of course, EA also loves money so it’s not exactly a shocker that they’d jump at the opportunity to get back into the college sports realm and it’s obviously worth noting there are plenty of hurdles they’ll have to overcome to make our dreams a reality.

With that said, a man can still hope.

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