EA Sports Removed Kareem Hunt From ‘Madden NFL 19’ And, Of Course, People Weren’t Happy

EA Sports Removed Kareem Hunt Madden

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Kansas City running back Kareem Hunt is facing a very lengthy suspension from playing in the NFL thanks to his actions back in January and February of this year.

Hunt has already been released by the Chiefs, and no NFL team picked him up on waivers, not even the Washington Redskins. So Hunt’s football future is looking pretty grim these days.

Not even the virtual Kareem Hunt is welcome in the virtual NFL these days as EA Sports has gone ahead and removed his name and likeness from their popular Madden NFL 19.

In Hunt’s place, at least for those gamers who own Hunt on their Madden Ultimate Team, is “HB #25” along with a generic photo of a running back.

Hunt is still listed on the Madden NFL 19 website, however.

Of course, as one would expect, not everyone was happy with this move by EA Sports.

Glad to see everyone still has their priorities in proper order.