This Eagles Fan’s Inspirational Speech On The Local News Following Sunday’s Win Made Me Forget I Hate Them


Philadelphia Eagles fans are the most hated fan base in the entire NFL. It’s proven. But even in Hitler’s army, there had to be at least one good man. A rose that grew from concrete. And that man is Bernard English. (And our editor Brandon Wenerd. Please don’t fire me.)

Following  a 39-17 home drubbing against the lowly New Orleans Saints marking their second win in three games, English went off on an awe-inspiring rant that made even me (almost) want to fight this dude’s fight. He’s the type of guy who could sell ice to an eskimo or hookers to Russell Wilson. Do I believe in his cause? No. But do I respect a man that instills hope in a hopeless place? For sure.

Don’t let anyone dim your light, Bernard.

[h/t FTW]