Eagles Fans Absolutely Destroy Car Of Patriots Fan Who Had The Stones To Park In Philly

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“I’ve said many, many, many unkind things about Philadelphia, and I’ve meant every one.”

-David Lynch, Director

“The streets are safe in Philadelphia. It’s only the people that make them unsafe.”

-Frank Rizzo, Former Philadelphia Police Commissioner

“I once spent a year in Philadelphia, I think it was on a Sunday.”

-W.C. Fields, comedian

“Fucking losers. Fuckin’ Rocky is your hero. The whole pride of your city is built around a fuckin guy who doesn’t even exist.”

-Bill Burr

I know a few good people from Philadelphia. I don’t think one of them has ever even punched a police horse. Or thrown batteries at opposing fanbases. Or snowballs at Santa. They truly are children of God.

Despite Philadelphia looking like it got ravaged by an earthquake following its first Super Bowl win, shockingly, there were only three arrests made during the “peaceful” celebration. Three arrests were separate cases from that numerous cars being overturned, fires started, store windows smashed, traffic lights being knocked over, and a convenience store being looted. Hey, baby steps, Philly.

Philly residents have kept the debauchery going a week after the Super Bowl, twisting the knife on any Patriots fans who dare enter the city limits.

A Patriots fan was forced to have his Patriots-decaled car towed after Eagles fans threw bricks through the front and back windows and dumped green paint on the interior. In broad daylight.

Scroll through.

Granted, you may want to let the city-wide Super Bowl hangover wear off before driving your Patriots-mobile smack dab in the middle of the city. On the other hand, should we remind these mouth breathers that they won the game?


[h/t Total Pro Sports]

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