Group Of Fans Falls Through A Bus Shelter As Chaos Unfolds In The Streets Of Philadelphia

Eagles fans celebrate at the NFC Championship.

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Fans in Philadelphia are going crazy following the Eagles’ NFC Championship win over San Francisco. Some might be taking things a little too far.

Chaos is ensuing on the city streets, and many are capturing the footage on social media.

Philadelphia was impressive in its 31-7 win over the 49ers on Sunday. The team scored four rushing touchdowns to set an NFL single season record. 

The Eagles never trailed in the contest, and they’ve now outscored their playoff opponents 69-14.

City officials began taking precautionary steps once the outcome of the game became clear. Prior to its conclusion, workers began greasing light poles to discourage fans from climbing them in the postgame celebration.

That, predictably, didn’t work as a party has taken over in the City of Brotherly Love.

While many are enjoying the win, some have gone overboard. One scary scene, in particular, saw a group of Philly fans fall through a bus shelter.

The shed couldn’t handle the weight of the 10+ individuals standing atop it, causing the roof to cave in and bodies to go flying. It’s not known whether anyone was hurt in the incident, but it certainly didn’t look good.

That wasn’t the only moment captured by bystanders. This fan caught videos of people lighting fireworks, boozing, and, of course, climbing those light poles.

And how about this mosh pit of Eagles fans singing along to Meek Mill?

The fans are definitely enjoying themselves, but hopefully, they stay safe in the festivities.

As for the Eagles, they’ve booked their ticket to their first Super Bowl in five years. They’ll await the winner of the Chiefs-Bengals game in the AFC Championship.