Philadelphia Eagles Players Are Busting Out Some Crazy Outfits For The Super Bowl Parade

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Hundreds of thousands of people flocked to downtown Philadelphia on Thursday to line the streets for the Eagles’ Super Bowl parade, which promises to be a much more low-key celebration than the one that occurred after their win over the New England Patriots on Sunday (unless the plan to give out free Bud Light at bars along the route horribly backfires somehow).

I’m hoping there’s at least one person in the crowd who decides to compliment their dog mask with the Ron Mexico jersey they purchased back in 2006, and while it seems like it’d be hard to beat an outfit like that, a couple of Eagles players dug deep into their wardrobe and busted out some jawns that’ll be pretty hard to top.

Defensive end Chris Long—who’s commemorating the win by giving whiskey to his teammates and permanently inking the face of one of his coaches on his body—took some inspiration from Snoop Dogg in Starsky and Hutch by donning a full-length faux fur coat in order to fight the freezing temperature in style.

Eagles center Jason Kelce also decided to go the extra mile by attempting to capture the spirit of Philadelphia’s annual Mummers Parade with this outfit, which finally answers the age-old questions of what the sultan from Aladdin would look like if he fell into a vat of glitter (or what a snake charmer would look like if he joined a mariachi band).

These threads give a whole new meaning to “Fly, Eagles Fly.”

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