Eastern Illinois Player Slaps Spectator Mid-Game During Ferocious Dunk

Eastern Illinois player Kinyon Hodges

Getty Image / Icon Sportswire

Okay, this might just be one of the craziest things you’ll see in college basketball.

Kinyon Hodges, a guard for Eastern Illinois University, threw a slap at an audience member in the middle of the game. All while a teammate threw down a ferocious dunk.

What makes this video even better is that the announcers straight up never saw it. In fact, I myself didn’t realize what happened until the clip zooms in on Hodges (number 10).

Isn’t that just insane? I mean the dunk is a highlight in itself. But this kid took the time to walk over and try to slap somebody watching the game.

Maybe there was trash talk and somebody crossed the line. Perhaps he has beef with another Eastern Illinois student. Who really knows what’s going on? It’s just crazy.

There isn’t information available right now about the audience member Kinyon Hodges threw a slap at. Additionally, there has been no word from Eastern Illinois about the incident either.

Hodges is a junior at Eastern Illinois University and is majoring in sociology. Which is kind of ironic as that means he’s studying human behavior.

Although the slap is completely uncalled for, everything about this clip is great. We have a monster dunk to get excited about and a wildly thrown slap at an audience member, all mixed together with clueless commentary.

In the end, we’re sure Eastern Illinois will investigate what happened between Kinyon Hodges and whoever he threw a slap at.