We Interviewed Green Bay Packers Running Back Eddie Lacy And Discussed Diet, Lifting, And ‘Dragon Ball Z’

GREEN BAY, WI - SEPTEMBER 25:  Eddie Lacy #27 of the Green Bay Packers salutes before the game against the Detroit Lions at Lambeau Field on September 25, 2016 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Eddie Lacy is a man who has walked the halls of greatness since an early age. He was a 4-star RB at Dutchtown High School in Louisiana, which garnered him a scholarship to play for the University of Alabama under Nick Saban. During that time Eddie Lacy saw the Crimson Tide win THREE B.C.S. National Championships (’09,’11,’12), and after being drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the 2nd Round of the NFL Draft he went on to run for over 1,100 yards in both his rookie and sophomore season. Now in his 4th season in the NFL, currently in the IR, Eddie Lacy is the face of Campbell’s Chunky Soup, the official soup sponsor of the NFL.

Appearing in his first TV spot for Campbell’s Chunky Soup alongside Odell Beckham Jr., Drew Brees, Todd Gurley, Eric Ebron and Kyle Long, we get to see Eddie Lacy and the other NFL Stars participating in a ‘Reverse Fantasy Football’ league known as the Everyman All-Star League. In it, they draft Average Joe’s like you and me, and you can see that TV spot right here. This ad is released on conjunction with Campbell’s Chunky releasing four new flavors of soup: Clam & Corn Chowder with Bacon, Chili Mac, Creamy Chicken Noodle and Spicy BBQ Seasoned Chicken (my interview is below the video).

Earlier today I was able to hop on the phone with 2013 Pro Bowl Running Back Eddie Lacy and discuss how he prepares for an upcoming season, what his gym and lifting routine looks like, how he sets personal goals, and what his favorite movie is. You can check out my interview in full right here, and a big thank you to Campbell’s Chunky Soup for setting this up!

Cass from BroBible: What does a typical day look like for you during the season, in terms of meals? Do you know what you’re eating before you wake up each day, are you the type that counts calories?

Eddie Lacy: I don’t even know how to count calories. Here at the facility (Green Bay Packers facilities) we have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So I pretty much just pick from there so I have a salad or something, some type of meat to go with it, and I’ll get the chicken. We always have some type of chicken as well, and then I’ll have a couple of carbs here and there but it’s pretty standard.

GREEN BAY, WI - OCTOBER 16: Eddie Lacy #27 of the Green Bay Packers leaps over Brandon Carr #39 of the Dallas Cowboys during the third quarter at Lambeau Field on October 16, 2016 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Green Bay Packers 30-16. (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Cass from BroBible: Do you have any favorite super foods or a go-to cheat food that you can’t stay away from?

Eddie Lacy: Well, on Thursday’s they have lobster mac and cheese. And, yeah, that’s the cheat one.

Cass from BroBible: So, what would you say was the biggest difference making the jump from College Football to the NFL in terms of actual workouts and your training program?

Eddie Lacy: Well, in college, you know, being at Alabama it was all about how strong you can get. Every week you’re going up, and going up, and you’re pretty much trying to find your max. Then the next year you’re pretty much trying to beat what it was the previous year.
And on this level (NFL) it’s the same type of workout, not as heavy, but it’s pretty much just to get your body to recover faster. It’ll be lighter weight but more reps, but it’s more so based on trying to get your body back from the games.

Cass from BroBible: Going into the preseason, and each season, how do you go about set and define goals for yourself for the year ahead? Is that something you do, or something the team has set out for you in advance or the trainers?

Eddie Lacy: ‘Goals’ as far as like stats?

Cass from BroBible: Not even that, more so about where you want to be in terms of physical fitness, health, and stats is a certain aspect of that. But where do your goals begin before a season?

Eddie Lacy: Well, because of my body type, I know I’m a bigger person, so I got about it in the sense that I can’t get too big because then I’m not effective at all, but also because of my running style I can’t get too small because then I wouldn’t be able to run the same way that I do. Food goes into it, the weight room goes into it, extra cardio goes into it. And it’s not like we set certain plans (for myself) up, we kind of just fit it in within the work that’s already laid out for you.

Cass from BroBible: Now for a few quick/easy questions for you, who’s your favorite person to follow on Twitter?

Eddie Lacy: Honestly, I follow like a bunch of ‘Dragon Ball Z’ things because I like cartoons (btw, me too Eddie, me too)

Cass from BroBible: What about Instagram?

Eddie Lacy: Instagram? I’ve never been asked that before. Honestly, I have no idea.

Cass from BroBible: Is there anything sitting on your DVR at home right now that you can’t wait to watch?

Eddie Lacy: I’ve actually been watching Netflix a lot lately, and I’ve been watching ‘Friday Night Lights’. So I just got into that, and I just started Season 3, so I’m on that right now.

Cass from BroBible: What was the best concert of your life?

Eddie Lacy: I have never been to a concert before. Never. (Can we get this dude some tickets?!?!?!)

Cass from BroBible: If you’re at home and you’ve got the TV on, what’s one movie that if you see it on TV you can’t scroll past, you have to watch that movie?

Eddie Lacy: ‘I, Robot’.

Eddie Lacy Campbells Chunky Soup


And thus concludes my interview with former University of Alabama and current Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy. He sounded like a great guy on the phone, one I know all of you bros would love in person regardless of your feelings towards ‘Bama and/or the Packers.

If you want to keep up with Eddie Lacy while he works his way back from the Injured Reserve list you can find him on Twitter and Instagram. You can also follow Campbell’s Chunky Soup on Twitter and Facebook by following those links!