Elijah Moore Put On Weight And Looks Like A Beast While Challenging A.J. Brown To An Epic Race

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Elijah Moore and A.J. Brown are like that. The two former Ole Miss Rebels crossed over for one year in Oxford but became very close during their time together.

Brown, who was a second round pick in 2019, has been a mentor for Moore, who was a second round pick in 2021, and was extremely emotional when his good friend and quasi-younger brother was picked. In addition, on the flip side, Moore helped Brown through some difficult times when he was struggling with mental health.

All of this goes to say, again, that they are like that. Brown and Moore are for life.

As a result, the two spend a lot of time together during the offseason. And while they are friends, that doesn’t mean that Brown doesn’t want to beat Moore and Moore doesn’t want to beat Brown.

The two NFL receivers were recently working out with FAU strength and conditioning coach Joseph Guarascio and challenged one another to a race. Both guys are wicked fast.

Brown ran a 4.49-second 40-yard-dash. Moore ran a 4.34-second 40-yard-dash.

When both guys got together for a race, it was neck-and-neck the entire way. Both guys were hauling, and it is really up to interpretation as to who won.

Brown is in the hoodie, while Moore is shirtless. Take a look and decide for yourself:

After the race went viral, it was reposted to various accounts across Twitter, but one in particular caught Moore’s attention. The tweet said that Moore is 178 pounds, which is how he was listed on the Jets roster last fall.

He wants to be very clear that is no longer the case. He put on some weight during the offseason.

Moore was New York’s most-targeted and leading receiver last fall. He is bigger than he was a year ago entering 2022 but hasn’t lost any speed and Zach Wilson is reportedly much improved. The Jets’ second-year duo could be very dangerous!