AJ Brown Opens Up About His Mental Health And How Elijah Moore Helped Him Amid Suicidal Thoughts

aj brown mental health suicidal thoughts elijah moore

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  • AJ Brown opened up about mental health and how fellow NFL wide receiver Elijah Moore helped him through some incredibly difficult times.
  • Brown spoke to the media on Thursday about his battles with depression.
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Last week, Tennessee Titans wide receiver AJ Brown shared a since-deleted video to his Instagram detailing his battles with depression. He opened up about having suicidal thoughts last year and that close friend and New York Jets wide receiver Elijah Moore helped him get through that difficult time.

Brown and Moore were teammates at Ole Miss in 2018 when Brown was a junior and Moore was a freshman.

“He’s more than family,” Brown said. “I love him like he’s my brother. He’s a special person. I appreciate him each and every day.”

Brown was with Moore on the night he got drafted by the New York Jets in the 2020 NFL Draft and the two shared an unbelievably emotional moment with one another. Yeah, it’s safe to say that these two really are brothers.

Brown also explained to the media on Thursday why he felt the need to share the video to his Instagram a week ago.

“I posted it because I wanted to encourage others to seek help whenever they are down. I didn’t know, didn’t really take into consideration what depression really was. I always just brushed it off. That’s how I grew up. I just brushed off my feelings and it got the best of me.

“I just wanted to put out a positive message that I’m still here, I’m still growing, I’m still learning. I’m blessed. I’ve got a lot of things to be grateful for. Someone was there for me, so reach out to your loved ones, ask them how they are doing. And listen to them, because it’s important.”

You can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at (800) 273-8255 if you are experiencing emotional distress.