Erin Andrews Reveals Her Biggest On-Air Fear, Sets Ground Rules For ‘Doing The Deed’

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The best part of Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson’s Calm Down podcast is how wildly unfiltered the two TV stars are on the show.

They often tread into stories that are TMI, but they don’t really seem to care what they reveal, making the show as unpredictable as it is entertaining.

The latest episode of Calm Down with Erin and Charissa was no different, especially due to the fact that they decided to answer some viewer mail.

“How do you keep from dropping the F-bomb during a game?” one fan asked Erin Andrews.

“It’s a massive fear,” Andrews revealed. “Massive, massive!”

“Really?!” Thompson responded with shock.

“Yeah,” Andrews replied.

Andrews then appears to almost lose it, it’s such a big concern of hers.

“Oh God! Oh my God, oh my God,” Andrews continued muttering.

“Have you ever done it by accident?” Thompson asked.

“No! My God, no. I am knocking on everything!” Erin said, trying to make sure her luck doesn’t change.

“Oh, don’t talk about it,” Thompson realized. “We’re moving on.”

At another point in the show, Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson discussed “doing the deed” (i.e. taking a dump) in the powder room at someone else’s house.

“Listing the worst places to do the deed,” she began. “If you had to do it around others.

“I am going to say without a doubt, and I would think it goes without saying, you’re not going in a powder room, but there’s people that are like, ‘you gotta go, you gotta go.’ Not in a powder room!” Andrews exclaimed.

“It’s the bathroom that everyone’s going to use,” Thompson agreed.

“Its’ like the command center!” Andrews shouted.

“Exactly,” Thompson agreed. “You should sneak off into one of those guest bedroom bathrooms and let it be, and be accused of sneaking around someone’s house to do the deed as opposed to just making an announcement that I just took a dump in the foyer of your house, because that powder room in front and center.”

Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson also revealed that sometimes, when their partner is out of town, the house might get a little messy.

“Full disclosure, my husband’s been gone for a week so I have been leaving sh-t everywhere,” Andrews admitted.

“Oh yeah, yeah,” Thompson agreed.

That’s when the “quick pick up” takes place.

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