ESPN Computer Runs 20,000 Simulations For The NFL Season And Predicts The Dallas Cowboys Will Play The KC Chiefs In The Super Bowl

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This could finally be the year the Cowboys finally make it back to the Super Bowl.

Over the weekend, Seth Walder over at ESPN ran 20,000 simulations of the season using their Football Power Index to predict who will win the Super Bowl.

Each preseason, we run 20,000 simulations of the entire slate with ESPN’s Football Power Index (FPI), our projection system. A lot goes into it, including expected starting quarterback, past performance, returning starters and projected win totals. The culmination is a strength rating for all 32 teams that helps us predict outcomes.

But today, only one of those sims matters: No. 3,869. We played out that single result across every game, giving us tight division races, QB controversies, breakouts and of course a Super Bowl LV champion.

Here are the final NFL standings as predicted by ESPN computers.

Here’s how the playoffs would go down according to ESPN’s prediction.

The ESPN prediction system eventually has the Cowboys getting blown out by the Chiefs 42-17 in the Super Bowl.

The season hasn’t even started and Cowboys fans are already suffering heartbreak losses given to them at the hands of ESPN computers.

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