ESPN Ends Genesis Halftime Show Musical Performances On ‘Monday Night Football’ After Constant Complaints From Fans On Twitter


ESPN has pulled the plug on the much-hated musical portion of the Monday Night Football Genesis halftime show.

The show featured musical acts, many who were not identifiable by football fans, perform a prerecorded video that included a Genesis Hyundai and was widely mocked every week by Twitter users.

The last performer ended up being Charlie Puth, who was mercilessly roasted by NFL fans last week.

Apparently, ESPN execs listened to viewer complaints and have now opted to go the studio instead of having a musical performance at halftime.

via Adage

ESPN has pulled the plug on the musical component of its Genesis Halftime Show, swapping out the performance segment for a more traditional interval of chalk talk and game analysis.

“Monday Night Football” viewers will be made aware of the format change starting with tonight’s telecast. The dialed-down halftime show will feature an expanded breakdown of the action in the Dolphins-Steelers game, as well as a roundup of breaking news from across the league served up by Senior NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

ESPN confirmed the change and says it looks forward to continuing its collaboration with Hyundai’s standalone luxury brand. While the song-and-dance routines have been silenced, Genesis will remain the marquee sponsor of the “Monday Night Football” halftime break through the end of the season.

The performances never made sense in how they were presented, I’m not sure who thought this was a good idea in the first place.

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