Twitter Can’t Understand Why ESPN Hasn’t Fired Jemele Hill And The Tweets Are Cold Blooded

If you haven’t heard by now, ESPN is laying off 100 members of their journalist and on-air talent staff today. One of the biggest names to be let go so far include Ed Werder, who found out that his dog is dying about 45 minutes before he found out he was fired from ESPN after 17 years of reporting. Other big names include Trent Dilfer, Dana O’Neil, Jeremy Crabtree, and Danny Kanell (amongst others).

A quick perusal of Twitter will and you’ll see that one big name is noticeably missing from the list of fired ESPN on-air talent: Jemele Hill. People are becoming mean as hell out there, on an unacceptable level. Personally, I don’t know enough about Jemele’s body of work to understand why so many people hate her because I stopped watching ESPN several years ago when it became insufferable. I’ve read through this list of ‘Jemele Hill Controversies‘ including suspensions and reprimands for overstepping the boundaries, and times she didn’t get suspended when others might’ve. So I have some semblance of why people want to see her fired, but I’m by no means an expert on the situation.

Anyways, we’re here to talk about Twitter reaction to Jemele Hill not being fired, so here are some of the coldblooded, dickhead-ish reactions:

In defense of Jemele, there are a few people out there like this:

As for how Jemele is handling her Twitter mentions getting blown up by the tweets above, she’s sent out a few tweets of her own today:

I kind of think I just became a huge Jemele Hill fan. People out there saying the rudest fucking things to her, acting like she’s not a real person. It’s despicable. Everyone needs to remember there’s an actual human being on the other end of that shitty ass tweet you sent or the comment you left from the account used for trolling. It’s just not right.

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