ESPN’s Jay Williams Claims Kevin Durant Was ‘Misdiagnosed’ By Warriors Team Doctors

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During Game 5 of the NBA finals Warriors superstar Kevin Durant suffered a devastating Achilles injury after coming back from a calf strain injury that will probably keep him out for most of the next seasoneand may affect the rest of his career going forward.

After the game, it was revealed that Steve Kerr was told by team doctors that Kevin Durant “couldn’t get more hurt” from his initial calf strain.

Kerr went on to confirm that the Warriors team doctors including an independent one hired by Durant told them that they weren’t worried about KD injuring his Achilles and that if they had known it was a possibility they wouldn’t have let him play.

On this morning’s edition of ‘Get Up’, Jay Williams, who has an extremely close relationship with Durant, blasted the Warriors team doctors by claiming they misdiagnosed KD by telling him he had ‘no chance’ of injuring his Achilles in game 5.

This falls on the Golden State Warriors. He got misdiagnosed, I know for a fact that he was told that with a partially torn calf that it unloaded the pressure on the Achilles, that there was no chance that the Achilles could be injured at all, and for that to happen in the first half of a ball game I can’t even fathom that

Durant hasn’t really spoken, other than an Instagram post, about the situation but I’m sure we’ll all hear his thoughts soon.

H/T The Big Lead