ESPN Has the Latest on Michael Sam’s Showering Habits

ESPN’s Josina Anderson reported on the St. Louis Rams today and included a note on Michael Sam’s showering procedure.

“Another Rams defensive player told me that ‘Sam is respecting our space,'” she said. “From his perspective, he seems to think that Michael Sam is waiting to kind of take a shower, so as not to make his teammates feel uncomfortable.”

Needless to say, this is unusual content.

The immediate reaction on Twitter ranged from “this is ridiculous” to “this is really ridiculous.”

Dissenters from the prevailing opinion point out that Sam’s ability to fit into an NFL locker room is part of the story surrounding the league’s first openly gay player. As such, any outlying behavior is worth noting.

The problem with that logic, at least to me, is that we don’t know the real reason Sam hasn’t — according to this one player — been showering with his teammates. There could be any number of reasons. Perhaps he was putting in extra work. Perhaps he was lifting. Perhaps he is stretching.

Without knowing the reasons behind the showering situation, it’s hard to know if it’s of any news value or not.

What do you guys think?

[Video via Cork Gaines]