NBA Fans Blast ESPN Reporter For Voting LeBron James For MVP Because Of Narratives And Not Stats

NBA fans are once again accusing ESPN of having a bias for LeBron James.

During Tuesday afternoon’s edition of “The Jump”, ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne stated that she was voting LeBron James for MVP, not for his stats but because she’s a “narrative-based voter” and she believes LeBron should win because he was able to navigate through the entire Lakers’ trade fiasco last season.

I voted for LeBron James because I tend to be a narrative-based voter and I feel like LeBron James took a playoff team that missed the playoffs six years in a row up to the top spot in the west after all of the dysfunction before

Shelburne wasn’t the only ESPN reporter to consider voting for LeBron for MVP based solely on narratives. Earlier in the season, Dave McMenamin said LeBron was the MVP because he had to deal with China controversy and Kobe Bryant’s death.

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