ESPN Deletes ‘GOAT Athlete’ Tweet After Receiving Backlash For Not Including Serena Williams And Other Female Athletes

For the past week, sports fans on social media have been arguing about who is the greatest athlete of all-time and Serena Williams has been at the forefront of the debate.

Serena fans were adamant that she’s the GOAT over Tom Brady due to her career accomplishments which include 23 grand slams and four Olympic gold medals.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that ESPN was paying attention to the debate. On Tuesday, the Worldwide Leader in Sports faced intense backlash after their SportsCenter social media accounts left out Williams and other female athletes from their GOAT athlete graphic.

ESPN deleted the post and reuploaded it with a picture of Serena standing in the back row and people still weren’t happy.

Eventually, ESPN/SportsCenter deleted the second tweet as well and decided to sit this one out altogether.