ESPN’s Brian Windhorst Gets Blasted For Calling Game 5 A ‘Checkbook Win’ For Warriors Because They Spent $340 Million In Salary This Season

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  • Andrew Wiggins scored 26 points to lead the Golden State Warriors to a crucial game 5 win in the NBA Finals vs the Boston Celtics.
  • After the game, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst stated that game 5 was a “checkbook win” for the Warriors because they spent $340 million in salary this season.
  • Warriors Fans blasted Windhorst over his postgame commentary.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst didn’t seem too impressed with the Warriors’ game 5 NBA Finals win vs. the Boston Celtics.

On Monday night, Andrew Wiggins scored 26 points to help the Warriors grab a 3-2 series lead in the NBA Finals.

During ESPN’s postgame show, Windhorst bizarrely stated that Wiggins’ wasn’t an underdog because he made $32 million this season as he went on to call the Warriors’ win a “checkbook win” because of how much money they spent this season in salary.

” Andrew Wiggins, he’s not an underdog. He makes $32 million… while the Warriors were down these last couple of years, winning no games, they kept spending money because they’ve got it.

They have a $340 Million Payroll when you consider taxes. You don’t just have to beat the Warriors on the court. You got to beat their checkbook and nothing away from Andrew Wiggins tonight, but this is a checkbook win for the Warriors.”

Fans blasted Windhorst on social media over his postgame commentary.