ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit Receives Backlash For Ripping Players Who Opt Out Of Bowl Games

Kirk Herbstreit

ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit And Desmond Howard started the new year by ripping into players who opt out of bowl games.

During the latest edition of College GameDay, Herbstreit questioned if current players really loved football because they didn’t want to play in “meaningless” bowl games.

“What’s the difference as a player and saying these games are ‘meaningless? Des, we played in ‘meaning games.’ I just don’t understand that if you don’t make it to the Playoff, how is it meaningless to play football and compete?”

“Isn’t that what we do as football players, we compete? I don’t know if changing it, expanding it is going to change anything, I really don’t,” “I think this era of player just doesn’t love football.”

Howard echoed Herbstreit’s sentiments and blasted opt-out players for having a “sense of entitlement.”

“When we were coming up, Herbstreit and myself, to go to a bowl game was a huge reward for a fantastic season. That’s what it meant. It’s like, ‘Ok your team played this well so you’re going to be rewarded by going to this bowl game, you’re going to get a ring, you’re going to get swag.’ Now, kids don’t really care about that. They have a sense of entitlement and it’s like, if we’re not going to the one that matters, then it just doesn’t have as much value to them as it did us growing up.”

Fans immediately fired back at Herbstreit and Howard over their comments on opt-outs.