Philadelphia Eagles O-Lineman Evan Mathis Tweets $64,000 Bill for Dinner at a Philly Steakhouse


Earlier this week our jaws-dropped at second-year Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson’s $17,000 bill for a steak dinner for his teammates. Now his Eagles teammate, offensive guard Evan Mathis (and one of our favorite Bro Kings on Twitter) just blew our minds with an evan more extravagant bill. It’s an INSANE $64,000+ bill from Del Frisco’s Steakhouse in Philadelphia, the same restaurant that Lane Johnson treated his teammates last Friday evening. Mathis Tweeted this out:

By the looks of it, the date lines up with today’s day (June 12). Just like Johnson’s bill, it looks like Mathis and crew spent a good bit of their time getting crunk on top shelf Screaming Eagle Cabernet and Harlan Estates Cabernet. It looks like most stuck to the Porterhouse, Ribeye, or Strip Steak. Take a look:


Can’t read that? Take a closer look:


Whatever sort of Amex-credit limit pissing contest is going on in the Philadelphia Eagles O-line locker room, I have to say — we’re hella amused.

So how’d they pay? Credit card roulette? Drawing straws? Or just the whole boring “let’s-throw-our-cards-in-and-split-it-even,” like your girlfriend does at brunch every Sunday?

And for those who want to play the “HE’S BEING BULLIED!!!!!” card a la Richie Incognito, there’s this brilliant/sarcastic tweet Mathis blasted out prior to this evening:


And then there was this gem tonight:


The Philly O-line is fucking with us all and it’s glorious. Evan Mathis, you just might be my new favorite Bro King on the Birds. Fly Eagles, Fly.

Update: Yep, Officially trolled. Also, notice how the first letter of each item spells out “Rock, Paper, Scissors Roshambo.”


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