Philadelphia Eagles Rookie Tweets $17,000 Bill from Steak Dinner for Offensive Line

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So it seems like the NFL’s whole “rookie dinner” tradition isn’t going away any time soon. Drafted in 2013 out of Oklahoma, Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson was feeling generous on Friday night, taking his fellow veteran offensive linemen out to the swanky Del Frisco’s Steakhouse in Philadelphia. He tweeted out a pic of the bill, which totaled over $17,000:

Here’s the breakdown:


The highlights include almost shots of Remy Martin Louis XIII at $275 a shot, plus a bottle of Screaming Eagle Cabernet and a couple other bottles of fine, top shelf wine. Personally, I want to know who on the Eagles O-line stuck to drinking Yards all night; it’s damn fine beer.

Technically, Johnson is a second year; He started all 16 games at right tackle for the birds last year. Maybe he never got around to the whole “Rookie Dinner” thing. Maybe the Eagles O-line waits until year number dos. Regardless, that’s what he called it in his tweet and rookie dinners were a big deal in the Jonathan Martin/Richie Incognito brouhaha. so Twitter was quick to say that Lane Johnson was getting hazed by his fellow O-linemen. He cleared that up quickly:

Am I the only one who thinks that $400 auto-gratuity is a little low? It must have just been on the food, not the booze. Hopefully he was just as generous to the waitstaff as he was to his teammates.

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