These Patrick Ewing Christmas-Themed Kicks Will Get Your Feet In The Holiday Spirit



Patrick Ewing’s old school 33s have been given the Christmas treatment right down the name of the shoe itself: “Miracle on 33rd St.”

My first thought? They’re smoother than the originals. But if these shoes sported any more holiday cheer, I’m pretty sure we’d be looking at antlers shooting from the sides and a red nose affixed to the tongue. Then again, a swift swap of the laces from “green sandwiching red” to white would turn down the volume quite a bit, almost making them shoes to wear for any occasion.

The first comment over at HypeBeast said “liked them till i saw the big gaudy gold plastic piece at the back,” which I totally disagree with. These are Christmas-inspired shoes. The gold buckle is akin to the angel on top of the tree. And really, if you’re gonna wear shoes called “Miracle on 33rd Street” they better feature some fucking gold.

However, the giant tongue featuring nothing at all feels incomplete. Perhaps a silhouette of Patrick Ewing’s face? An outline of a Santa hat? A giant bow? Who knows, but it needs something.


For an official eye test, here’s a look at the original Ewing 33s.


[H/T HypeBeast]