Former UFC Star Paige VanZant Causes A Stir In Latest Viral Instagram Post

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It’s been nearly three years since Paige VanZant last appeared in the UFC octagon.

VanZant lost her UFC 251 fight with Amanda Ribas via first-round armbar.

But don’t let that fool you, VanZant is still doing plenty well for herself since leaving the company.

The fighter turned influencer has appeared in Bare Knuckle FC twice, losing both matchups. But she’s also built up quite the following on Instagram. VanZant has over three million followers on the site and appears to be thriving beyond the world of combat sports.

Just asked Bare Knuckle FC president Dave Feldman.

“She’s doing other things and she’s doing very, very well at those and making a lot of money,” Feldman recently told MMA Fighting. “So I don’t know. If she wants to come back, she’s welcome to, but we don’t know for sure if she’s coming back. She does have a place her. We’ll see shortly.”

She’s also taking time to train in professional wrestling, having made several appearances on All Elite Wrestling in 2022.

“It’s a big difference, but I got plenty of time on my hands,” VanZant told TMZ. “I like to stay busy. I have pro wrestling training, and then I have training for Bare Knuckle boxing as well.”

Whatever she chooses to do, it appears her popularity is set to grow yet again. And though she claims she’s not a model, her recent Instagram posts may show otherwise.

VanZant went viral yet again recently when she posted a picture of herself it a white one-piece outfit.

Though her followers did have one major issue with the pic.

I don’t care how good you look dirty feet on a bed is a no go! 🤢,” Omar Coombs said.

You can’t please everyone.

But the over 44,000 likes on the post show VanZant comes pretty darn close.

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