The 6 Best Bang For Your Buck Exercises To Increase Your Performance In The Bedroom

Young man workout in fitness club. Profile portrait of caucasian guy making plank or push ups exercise, training indoors

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Sex. It’s a damn good time, am I right bros?

But while we all like to think we’re really good at it…like the best ever…the truth is, we could each probably be better. I mean after all, you don’t want to walk out of the bedroom thinking you’ve left your girl satisfied only to have her go tell her friends it was like a dysfunctional jackhammer was on top of her right?

Like almost everything else in life, your bedroom performance can be enhanced by being in shape, and more importantly, lifting weights. But to maximize your sexpertise, you need to make sure you’re performing the right exercises.

Fortunately for you, I got you covered. You and your girl can thank me later.

6 Exercises for Better Bangin’

Hip Thrusts

This one is pretty obvious. The hip thrust most closely mimics the actions performed during sex…unless you prefer bottom, you lazy fuck.

Hip thrusts target the glutes and hamstrings, the two main muscles involved in thrusting. Strengthening these muscles will not only help you develop more powerful thrusts, but will help you develop more control, stamina, and rhythm, so you’re not flopping around like a wet noodle.

Kettlebell Swings

Like hip thrusts, kettlebell swings also focus on glute and hamstring strength, but they also call into action the muscles of your back, and arms. The main benefit of the movement however is developing speed and power in the hips. These combined with hip thrusts will make you a thrusting machine, and help protect your lower back from injury as well.

Body Saw Planks

If you want to be good at sex you should perform regular planks. If you want to be great as sex, you should perform body saw planks. Not only are these more difficult, but they closely mimic the actions of the missionary position.

Having a strong core is extremely important during sex for stamina and performance, working to help you hold positions longer and not get tired.

Rack Pulls

Rack pulls are a great exercise for enhancing your bedroom performance for a couple reasons. One, they are great for building the muscles in your back, which is important if you’re into carrying her around.

Unlike deadlifts from the floor, rack pulls restrict your range of motion, allowing you to work with as much or little motion as possible. This allows you to really isolate the back and takes the glutes and hamstrings out of the movement.

Two, because of the limited range of motion, you are not limited by the strength of your lower body as you would be when you were pulling from the floor. This allows you to use more weight and will test the limits of your grip and forearm strength.

Why is this important? Fingering obviously. You don’t want your hand or forearm cramping up mid-sesh right?


There are few exercises better at building upper body strength and endurance than good old-fashioned push-ups.

Everyone wants to hail bench pressing as the king of building strength in your chest and while that may be true, so me someone who can bang out 50 or more consecutive push-ups and I’ll show you someone who is good in the bedroom.

Push Press

Unless you’re into some really acrobatic shit, you’re not going to be hoisting your partner over your head, but the push press can still provide a ton of benefits when it comes to sex.

The push press helps build strength and explosiveness through the core, as well as strength and stability in the shoulders and upper back. This is perfect for helping you carry your partner to the bedroom.

Your Better Sex Workout

Perform this workout twice per week for four weeks. After that, alert your neighbors that things are going to get noisier.

A1). Rack Pulls 5×5, rest 90 seconds

B1). Barbell Hip Thrust 4×10, rest 60 seconds

C1). Barbell Push Press 4×8, rest 60 seconds

D1). Push-Ups 3xAs Many Reps as Possible, rest 60 seconds

D2). Kettlebell Swings 3×20, rest 60 seconds

E1). Body Saw Planks 3xAs Many Reps as Possible, rest 30 seconds

Happy humping bros.