F1 Racing Boat Loses Control, Does A 360-Backflip In The Middle Of A Race, Somehow Sticks The Landing Perfectly

Formula 1 powerboats are ridiculously fast, but they are also designed for very unique circumstances (no wind, no chop on the water, etc). It only takes a slight breeze for them to completely lose control because these boats can go from 0-to-60mph in just two seconds and race at top speeds of 155mph. As you can see they have a weird ass shape which allows them to race effectively on a course but in open water, it’s virtually useless. Also, I get that this clip’s been around since the beginning of the Internet but it just came to my attention that MANY of you haven’t seen it and a recent upload of it in Facebook is now over 1 million views:

As you can see from the clip above racer Guido Cappellini was INCREDIBLY lucky to do a full 360-degree backflip mid-race in his F1 powerboat and somehow stick the landing. The circumstances aligned perfectly to allow him to flip like that and somehow when the boat came back down the engine was still intact….I just can’t really wrap my mind around how this was possible…

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(h/t Facebook/TheDrifto)

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