College Basketball Cheerleader Goes Viral For Her Off-Court Antics

A cheerleading pom-pom lies on the gym floor.


A FAMU cheerleader is going viral for her off the court antics at a recent basketball game. The Florida A&M team member was mic’d up, giving her opponent a large helping of trash talk.

Clips of the cheerleader are now making their way around social media, leading many basketball fans to post their responses.

Florida A&M struggled on the court this year, winning just seven of their 29 games. The Rattlers finished the season at 5-13 in conference play, ending the campaign at 10th in the 12-team SWAC standings.

Those struggles didn’t stop senior cheer captain Nailah Clarington from talking trash on the sideline.

The FAMU cheerleader gave viewers a show during a recent Rattlers outing, providing top notch content throughout her mic’d up session. The footage has since been posted to ESPN’s TikTok page with the caption, “She didn’t hold back,” causing many to react.

@espn She didnt hold back 👏🤣 (via @thekiddcreations @naibbyyyyy) #basketball #cheer #micdup ♬ original sound – ESPN

Many quickly posted their responses to the clip in the comments section. They can’t seem to get enough of the FAMU cheerleader.

One person wrote, “I’m going to need just an hour of her mic’d up. I love it!” Another person said, “You can tell she’s someone’s little sister…always instigating!”

Someone else hilariously commented, “She worked the ref and then started cooking the players.” No one was safe.

This is far from the first time we’ve seen a college basketball cheerleader make headlines. Earlier in the year, we saw one squad member attempt to distract opposing players during free throw shots. Another instance saw a team member ejected from a game after getting into an altercation with a player on the court.

This was certainly one of the more entertaining cheerleader moments this season.

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