Guy Who Caught Super Bowl Winning Football Has An Amazing Story To Tell

harrison butker kicks super bowl winning field goal

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On Sunday, as Kansas City Chiefs fans were losing their minds following Harrison Butker’s 27 yard field goal to win Super Bowl LVII, one fan in the stands was celebrating with the souvenir of a lifetime: the football that went through the uprights.

That fan, Eamonn Dixon of Australia, wasn’t even supposed to be at the game.

In fact, earlier in the day he was at home in San Francisco with no plans whatsoever to be in the stands when Butker made his kick.

“I was just sitting on the couch, chatting to my wife about what we were going to cook the kids for dinner and then I got the call and raced off to the airport – and here I am in Phoenix,” Dixon revealed to 3AW’s Breakfast with Ross and Russel..

“I work in advertising, I’m a credit director in advertising, so I actually worked on the Doritos Super Bowl spot that actually played in the stadium and played during the game.

“I didn’t have a ticket to the game, but one of my incredible Doritos clients called me up in the morning and said that a spare ticket had become available.

“I found out at 7 a.m., got a flight at 12 p.m., and then I got to the game just as the national anthem was being sung, and then I was just sitting there and, four quarters later, the ball just fell in my lap, which was pretty surreal.”

“I caught it and then there was a bit of mayhem because it was a pretty exciting game, and everyone was asking for photos with me and giving me high-fives,” he continued.

“And then the security guard tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘I think you should get out of here pretty quickly with that thing before some other people try and grab it’. I did that, and now I’m just sitting here in my hotel room just holding it.”

“Everyone was trying to get it off me, but I shoved it in my friend’s bag and we got ushered towards the exit and, all of a sudden, I was out in the carpark,” Dixon recalled. “It was just all a bit of a blur.”

Luckily for him, Harrison Butker was able to recover nicely from his earlier kick in Super Bowl LVII.

“I was filming because I was just trying to film this historic moment anyway, him kicking the field goal was huge,” Dixon explained. “And then it sort of just drifted over the net, and luckily I held onto my phone and the ball.

“It was a little less clean than what I originally thought it was, but I definitely came down with it. It looks a bit more awkward than it felt at the time … lucky I wasn’t holding a beer at the same time, that would have been awkward.”

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