Arizona Cardinals Fan Creates Convincing Video Demonstrating How The Patriots Have Never Cheated

by 1 year ago
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Odds are, depending on your football allegiance, an eight-minute PowerPoint-esque video made by a stranger isn’t going to change your mind. New England detractors are going credit the team’s success to the numerous allegations brought against them in the better part of two decades. Patriots fans will find holes in every and all the allegations, and we will all go along hating each other.

But, for those on the fence, I encourage you to watch this video an unbiased Arizona Cardinals fan put together to demonstrate how the Patriots are free of guilty–from SpyGate to DeflateGate to RefGate.

If you’re incapable of watching the video at the moment, I’ve highlighted the points made in it below:


The 2006 Anderson Memo: prohibiting in-game videotaping of any type on sidelines, in the coaches’ booth, etc.

November 12, 2006: The Jets got caught by Gillette Stadium filming Patriots plays and defensive signals from both end zones. And the cameraman was booted out.

the Jets were never punished for this, even though it is identical to the videotaping infraction the Patriots were punished for a year later.

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